McAfee Launches Web App Scanning Service

McAfee announced its new Secure for Web Sites service, which helps site operators keep their sites secure, adhere to PCI standards, and stay abreast of the latest vulnerabilities and related patches.

The company said that the service provides daily remote site scanning to detect the possible existence of vulnerabilities and malware. The service also provides users with a way to configure all IP addresses, hosts, and ports that should be checked for weaknesses in a site's perimeter. The latter feature also helps identify rogue devices and unauthorized services across any configured subnets.

The scanning process uses dynamic port scanning, testing of network services at the port level, as well as Web application vulnerability testing. Scans can be automated or launched on demand.

"The rise of malicious sites has caused Internet users to be wary of searching and shopping online--especially when those activities require personal information," said Tim Dowling, vice president of McAfee's Web security group.

Users of the McAfee Secure for Web Sites service will have the ability to display a "McAfee Secure" logo to let site users know that site security is routinely monitored.

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