Making Search Folders That Have Multiple Categories

I'd like to set up search folders to display only items that are categorized multiple ways—for example, only items that I've marked with both the Business and Ideas categories. So far, I've just been able to display items that meet either one, but not both, of the selected categories. How can I make a search folder for items that I've marked with two categories?

Kudos to you for recognizing that the search folders feature in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 can help you refine your mail-management scheme! Yes, you can certainly make a search folder with multiple categories. Start by using the Tools, Advanced Find command to set up a search of the folders you want to include. On the More Choices tab of the Advanced Find dialog box, under Categories, type

Business and Ideas
Note that the word "and" joins the two categories you want to search for. Click Find Now to test the search. After the search works as you want, choose File, Save Search as Search Folder to save it as a search folder.

If you want the new search folder to appear in the Favorite Folders list on the Mail navigation pane, locate the search folder in the folder list, right-click it, then choose Add to Favorite Folders.

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