Make Social Networking Work for You

Widen your horizon and opportunities with Windows IT Pro

I’m usually the last person to jump on a bandwagon, for fear of falling off. So I wasn’t the first to sign up
for social networking. I thought that it would be a virtual hang out for high schoolers—or for those stuck
in the high school frame of mind. But now I realize that social networking can be a great source for
staying competitive in your field, a hotline for quick tips and instant solutions, and a harbor of contacts.
Now you can do all of that with help from the Windows IT Pro network you trust.

When my coworker asked me if I Twittered, I wasn’t sure if I should be offended or flattered. I came to
find out that it wasn’t some offhand remark; Twitter is another way to stay in touch with your network.

SavvyAsst. This account will inform you of helpful resources, free tools, new events and industry
happenings. Come follow me at

EmpowerITDev. This feed is used to inform user group leaders and members about our UG sponsorship
opportunities; to cross-promote meetings, activities, and news for groups that we follow (and ideally
partner with). Empower your user group at

LeftBrainStore. is the new online resource superstore stocked with
educational, training, and career-development materials concentrated on the needs of IT professionals
like you. Sign up to receive new product alerts and special discounts at

IT Job Hound. IT Job Hound is an online job-search engine that concentrates on the IT industry. (To learn
more, see a previous Your Savvy Assistant). This feed will keep you on track with new positions, jobseekers, and trends in your fields of interest. Sniff out the right career or employee at

Windows IT Pro. As the Twitter feed of the industry’s independent resource for product news,
information, and community, this account shows how we’re in IT with you:

LinkedIn is the most professionally formal site of the social networking world. Record your work history,
link up with current and former coworkers and managers, and even compile all of those shining
recommendations. Link up with Windows IT Pro for your career connections.

From what I’ve heard from IT pros, Facebook is used more for peer development than for career
development, but this can be a more comfortable and casual forum for your networking needs. Windows
IT Pro has a Facebook account at Check us out to
connect with other IT pros and our experts.

To learn more about IT industry social networking (beyond the jam session at TechEd), contact me at
[email protected].

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