Maintain the same columns & rows throughout a workbook

The above shortcuts work best when you are consolidating sheets that have the same structure (the same columns and rows). Therefore, when inserting a new column or row, it is best to do so on all sheets.

  • Use CTRL+click and SHIFT+click to select multiple sheets, or right-click a tab and choose Select All Sheets.

Whatever you do (such as inserting columns or rows) will then apply to all selected sheets. Make sure to right-click a tab and choose Ungroup Sheets when you want to return to making changes to only one sheet at a time.

You can then go to sheets where the new columns or rows don't 'belong' and hide them.

  • Select the columns/rows, right-click and choose Hide.
  • To unhide, select the surrounding columns/rows (select around the hidden columns/rows), right-click and choose Unhide.

In this way, you're given the advantages of identical worksheet structure, but you don't actually see rows or columns where they should not appear.

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