Look Ma, No Chads

Hoping to help avoid another election like the recent 2000 US presidential election, Unisys announced its new [email protected] Election Solutions portfolio. Unisys designed [email protected] to improve the integrity of elections and speed vote counting by providing an end-to-end solution. The solution encompasses voter registration and identification, ballot casting and tabulation, and results reporting. Unisys hopes [email protected] will also eliminate lines at polling centers and help prevent voter fraud.

According to its press release, Unisys has teamed with Dell and Microsoft to deliver enhanced capabilities. Unisys cited Dell's expertise with e-commerce and infrastructure and Microsoft's expertise in software design as motivating factors for developing [email protected] Dell and Microsoft both have longstanding relationships with local and federal governments.

In addition to implementing electronic voting systems for Rome, Costa Rica, and Brazil, Unisys also performed a non-binding trial of online voting technology by partnering with Minnesota Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer. Together they tested an e-voting system where state caucuses cast their votes using the Internet. "Using this unofficial balloting exercise to try a Web-based reporting system has given us insight into how we might provide similar services for legally binding elections in the future," said Kiffmeyer. "It gave a flavor of the sort of full-fledged, Web-based election-night reporting system we hope to develop."

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