LogMeOut: LogMeIn Free To Shutdown

LogMeOut: LogMeIn Free To Shutdown

One of the brighter, remote support alternatives for IT Pros, LogMeIn, has long had a free option. Supporting both PC and Mac, the software enabled remote connections to troublesome computers from anywhere to anywhere. For many companies that could not invest in robust, multi-platform tools like System Center Configuration Manager, or found Windows Remote Desktop limited and cumbersome, LogMeIn Free was a perfect option.

Yes, I did say was.

In a blog post released today, Tara Haas, Vice President of Strategic Product Operations at LogMeIn, Inc., states that after 10 years the free version of LogMeIn is to be retired and unified with the company's premium remote access products.

If you log in to your LogMeIn Free account now, you will be given a 7-day grace period to purchase the company's premium service, notified that any computers already listed in your account will become inaccessible on January 28, 2014, and offered a special introductory price for remoting two computers.

Obviously, this will impact a good number of IT Pros and force many to research new options for remote support solutions.

You can read the full blog post here: Changes to LogMeIn Free

P.S. Never forget for a minute that anything can change in a minute (or a few years). This is from a 2011 post to the LogMeIn Facebook page and is being called the "LogMeLie."  Thanks to community member Jeff Spengler for bringing this to my attention.

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