Lockmix for Windows Phone Makes the Lockscreen More Useful

Lockmix for Windows Phone Makes the Lockscreen More Useful


One of the more useful features of Windows Phone over any other platform is the ability to know everything at a glance. Using Live Tiles and the Lockscreen, you can get a good sense of things, like the time, the date, upcoming events, missed calls, pending emails, the weather, and on and on. That seems like a lot to consume, but truly the Windows Phone platform does it in a way like none of the other platforms. For iOS and Android, you'll have to tap at least 5 times for the same information.

Even with this feature edge over the other platforms, I'm always looking to make it even better. So, when I came across Lockmix in the Windows Phone store, I was immediately hopeful.

Lockmix provides additional widgets that can be used to completely customize the Lockscreen for Windows Phone. I loaded it up last week, spent a few minutes with, and now have an extremely workable Lockscreen where I no longer have to completely unlock the phone to get the information I want most.

My new Lockscreen looks like this:


Using similar functions to "pinning" tiles to the Windows Phone screen, Lockmix allows you to customize just about everything for your Lockscreen. The app is free and the majority of the widgets are also free. There are a few widgets in the available list that require an in-app purchase to use.

As you can see from my personalized Lockscreen, I grabbed the weather widget right away. There a few fun widgets like the "Chuck Norris Facts," but the majority are useful add-ons to ensure you can personalize the Lockscreen in a way that makes sense to you.

If you want to try it out, just search the Windows Phone store for 'Lockmix' or…

Lockmix is available in the Windows Phone store at this link:  Lockmix

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