License 6.0 Plans

Open License
Open License is a 2-year license designed for corporate, government, and charity customers purchasing five or more licenses. The order can include any combination of Microsoft products or product pools (i.e., application, systems, and servers). After the initial purchase, customers are eligible for volume pricing for any additional purchases of the same products during the 2-year license term. Within the Open License plan, two programs exist—Open Business and Open Volume.

Open Business. Under the Open Business program, you can combine sets of Microsoft products to qualify for the five-license minimum. You don’t need a separate license authorization number for each product pool; you can use one authorization number to acquire all software licenses.

Open Volume. The Open Volume program offers deeper discounts. Microsoft uses a point system within each product pool to establish the entry minimum for various discount-price levels. Microsoft has assigned points to each product, and you accumulate points as you order product licenses. To qualify for this program, you must meet a minimum-order requirement in each product pool for which you want licenses. For example, Microsoft Office is worth 3 points, whereas Microsoft Word is worth 1 point. The minimum pool order is 500 points (150 points for customers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa).

Select License
Select License is similar to Open License, but the minimum requirement is 250 desktops and Select License includes some mixed product requirements. Select License uses your forecast of the Microsoft software licenses you anticipate purchasing over the plan’s 3-year term. The forecast is based on the point value of each license rather than on the number of licenses. You need to forecast 1500 points to get a volume discount, and you can pay for your purchase over the term of the plan.

Enterprise Agreement
Enterprise Agreement is for corporate customers with 250 or more desktops. The agreement has a 3-year term, which gives you the opportunity to standardize your enterprise on the Microsoft enterprise products (i.e., Microsoft Office Professional, Microsoft Windows Professional upgrade, and Core Client Access Licenses—CALs). Your Enterprise Agreement is a direct contract with Microsoft, which uses the total number of qualified desktops in your enterprise to determine the applicable license-pricing level, according to the tiered discount system that Table A shows. This plan includes SA.

Enterprise Subscription Agreement
Enterprise Subscription Agreement is a 3-year contract for corporate customers who prefer to subscribe to software rather than license it. Subscription renewals can be for 1 year or 3 years. Subscription pricing is 85 percent of a purchased Enterprise Agreement license, multiplied by the number of desktops in your enterprise. This plan includes SA.

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