Learn What It Takes to Get Ahead with the 2016 IT Skills and Salary Report

Learn What It Takes to Get Ahead with the 2016 IT Skills and Salary Report

Looking to get ahead in IT, whether that means knowing which skills to look for in new hires or what you should brush up on to stay at the top of your game? Then you have come to to the right place.
IT Pro is pleased to partner once again with Global Knowledge to share their annual report for IT and business professionals regarding compensation, job satisfaction, and training, based on interviews with over 14,000 IT professionals across the world.
This year's 62-page report covers a variety of skills, challenges, and opportunities for you and your organization, including what you need to know about coming talent shortages in cloud computing mastery, the value of certifications, and what's changing in the world of cybersecurity. 
Over the coming weeks, we'll dive into what the data means from you, whether you're a hiring manager, a early-career IT pro deciding on your next moves, or just someone who is trying to figure out if you're being compensated fairly. If you can't wait, register and download the full report below.
Highlights we'll cover in more depth:
  • One in three IT decision makers reports that they are struggling to fill open cybersecurity roles, meaning a lot of opportunities in an increasingly lucrative specialty.
  • While non-IT salaries in the survey plunged, there's good news for IT professionals with experience: Salaries are increasing, with increasingly higher percentages of IT staff receiving bonuses and/or a raise.
  • 62% of IT decision makers feel like their staff doesn't have the skills that will be needed by their IT teams to meet the demands of their businesses over the next 24 months ... and 31% think that they already lack the skills needed to address their challenges today.


Register for free and download the full report today:

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