Latest Driver and BIOS Updates Fixes Miracast for HP Spectre x360

Latest Driver and BIOS Updates Fixes Miracast for HP Spectre x360

The HP Spectre x360 is really the best in the 2-in-1 class. The build quality, thin design, and power of performance is hard to beat. And, looking at the range of devices being announced at IFA today, it still more than adequately holds its own. You can read through my review HERE. The Spectre x360 was built through a close partnership between HP and Microsoft. I've owned mine since May of this year and use it almost every day.

But, even as stellar as this device is, it did come with a few flaws. One of those was the inability to connect to wireless display networks – and wireless display adapters. The Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter (reviewed HERE) is one of the most reliable devices for "casting" your tablet or PC screen to a TV, but even with this device, the Spectre x360 just could never connect.

The Spectre x360 came pre-installed with Windows 8.1, and with Windows 10 on the horizon I decided to wait and see if Microsoft's new operating system would ease the pain. However, after installing the Windows 10 upgrade, the Spectre x360 still would not connect. It tried, and it looked like it might eventually, but ultimately failed every time.

HP released a new BIOS and a Bluetooth driver for Windows 10 last night and I can confirm that the Miracast issues are finally resolved. If you own a Spectre x360 and performed the Windows 10 upgrade over top of Windows 8.1, open up the HP Support Assistant app (comes pre-installed on the device) and do a check for HP Updates. Both the BIOS and Bluetooth driver should be available.

However, if you chose to do a clean Windows 10 installation using the Microsoft-supplied ISO, you'll want to download the HP Support Assistant from here: HP Support Assistant.

I know some of you consider apps like this to be crapware, but the HP Support Assistant software is nothing like that and I highly recommend keeping it installed. HP has done a great job with this and I've found it extremely valuable and more reliable to obtain drivers directly from the manufacturer using this method than relying on Microsoft to deliver hardware drivers through Windows Update.

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