Krell Introduces Resolution Series Loudspeakers

Krell Industries announced its line of Resolution Series loudspeakers. Using Lossless Acoustic Transducer (LAT) technology and the design principles of the company's LAT Series loudspeakers, the Resolution Series cabinets are 1" thick Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) and the baffles are 2" thick MDF, ensuring the elimination of baffle resonance. Midrange drivers are isolated within their own enclosures, and the speakers' internal bracing is asymmetrically aligned to further increase cabinet rigidity. The curvature of the cabinets helps eliminate internal standing waves that can be detrimental to sound quality. The Resolution Series' 1" tweeters feature an integral "waveguide" for enhanced dispersion characteristics, and the midbass drivers use a unique mounting system that decouples the driver frame from the baffle, thereby eliminating sonic colorations. All Resolution speakers feature WBT binding posts for better connectivity and are available in a cherry finish.

Resolution 1 is a four-way floor-standing speaker ($11,000 per pair), Resolution 2 is a three-way floor-standing speaker ($8000 per pair), Resolution 3 is a two-way monitor speaker ($4000 per pair), Resolution C is a three-way center-channel speaker ($3500 each), and Resolution Subwoofer is still in development but will tentatively contain a 15" woofer and a 700-watt internal amplifier.

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