KiXtart Updated with Support for Windows 10

KiXtart Updated with Support for Windows 10

KiXtart is one of those valuable scripting languages that just seems to keep evolving over time. Just when you don't think it will ever be updated again, a new version shows up. KiXtart has remained the personal project of Ruud van Velsen with Microsoft of the Netherlands. Released originally in 1991 (24 years ago for the timeline challenged) as a logon script processor, the scripting language has changed over time to become a full-on batch coding vehicle used by IT administrators everywhere.

Version 4.66 has just released and comes with a few bug fixes, but also now brings support for Windows 10.

Fixes & enhancements in this release:

  • Added support for Windows 10

  • Fixed issue in FormatNumber with values < 0

  • Fixed issue in Ascan on Windows 7

  • Enhanced Trim() so it also treats carriage returns as whitespace..

Our sister site, myITforum, hosts a semi-official community group for KiXtart where you can provide feedback and discussions and also download all the latest revisions of the scripting language.

Here's the direct download: KiXtart 2010 4.66 (662.8k)

The version 4.66 manual: KiXtart 2010 4.66 Manual (1.5m)

And, the KiXtart community group:  KiXtart Community

P.S. While you're there, check out the awesome new look and functionality for

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