JSI Tip 9511. The expert's Windows XP computer cannot take control of a novice's computer?

After establishing a Remote Assistance connection between an expert's Windows XP computer and a novice's Windows XP computer, when the expert presses Take Control and the novice presses Yes, nothing happens.

This behavior occurs because of restrictive security settings on the novice's computer.

To workaround this behavior, the novice should:

1. Start / Run / inetcpl.cpl / OK.

2. Select the Security tab.

3. Press Trusted sites.

4. Press the Sites button.

5. Type hcp://system into the Add this Web site to the zone box.

6. Uncheck the Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone box.

7. Press Add.

8. Press OK.

9. Press OK.

NOTE: You could enable Active Scripting for the Local intranet zone, but this is NOT recommended as it leaves the computer vulnerable to malware and viruses.

NOTE: See tip 6644 ยป How can I use Group Policy to add a site to the Trusted Sites zone?

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