JSI Tip 9094. LanSweeper is a free solution to make a software/hardware inventory of your windows clients, but you may donate.

The LanSweeper FAQ page contains:

LanSweeper is a completely free solution to make a software/hardware inventory of your windows clients.

  • What is LANSWEEPER?
    LANSWEEPER is a fully automatic hardware inventory tool for all Windows based clients that integrates perfectly with Active Directory. In a very intuitive user interface, LANSWEEPER offers a summary of all installed computers in your company’s network and provides very useful information.
  • Who developed LANSWEEPER?
    LANSWEEPER is developed by two young IT-professionals, who are working for the Belgian company http://www.linkselection.be
    The major part, the LANSWEEPER server module and the webbased GUI, has been developed by Geert Moernaut. The client was written by Wim Wauters
  • Why does LANSWEEPER have a client/server architecture?
    The client/server architecture provides a scalable and reliable architecture that centralizes all information in the central server based database. This way, the Windows clients are not affected and performance is not affected.
  • Why is LANSWEEPER free?
    LANSWEEPER is developed by network administrators for network administrators. It is intended to help network administrators to help in their daily job. However, people using this tool are encouraged to use the PayPal donation. This will even improve LANSWEEPER and functionality can be added
  • What programming language is LANSWEEPER written in and why?
    LANSWEEPERS’ client is written in C++ to provide a reliable and fast communication to the server. The server is developed in VB.NET to allow fast processing of all queries.
  • What’s the purpose of LANSWEEPER?
    LANSWEEPER is developed to provide an automatic inventory tool for all Windows
    based clients in a computer network. It is not intended to provide an all-in-one interface to control computers remotely. For more information, you can visit our demo site
  • How does LANSWEEPER work?
    Most companies work with a logon script that executes each time a computer is
    connecting to the network. Through the simple addition of a string in the network logon scrip, LANSWEEPER is initialized. The computer connects to the server and adds itself to the waiting queue. The server queries the Windows client at predefined times and stores the information in a central database. A very intuitive client interface or webinterface is provided to interpret the results of the scans. We also recommend using an MS access ADP project to query the data.
  • When do I get support?
    LANSWEEPER is free and comes without limitations and everybody is free to donate.
    However, when donations larger than 100€ are received, we provide support and debugging. We can also customize LANSWEEPER to add/remove functionality to fit the specific needs of your company.
  • I want to customize LANSWEEPER to the specific needs of my company
    No problem, please send an email to contact us.

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