JSI Tip 8779. When you attempt to apply a security update or hotfix to Windows Server 2003, you receive 'The data is invalid'?

The most common cause of this behavior is that you downloaded the package from the Windows Update site, but when you attempted to apply the package, your Windows Server 2003 no longer had Internet access, which is required to apply the package.

If this is your problem, establish Internet connectivity prior to applying the package.

This behavior will also occur if a .cat (catalog) file is corrupted. When Update.exe starts, it first verifies the digital signatures of all .cat files.

To determine if a .cat file is corrupted:

1. Start / Run / Sigverif / OK.

2. Press the Advanced button.

3. Check the Look for other files that are not digitally signed box.

4. Type C:\Windows\System32\Catroot into the Look in this folder box.

5. Check the Include subfolders box.

6. Press OK.

7. Press Start.

8. Delete all the unsigned .cat files that are listed.

9. Shutdown and restart the server.

NOTE: This only applies to unsigned .cat files.

NOTE: If Windows Server 2003 is NOT installed in C:\Windows, adjust the above path accordingly.

NOTE: The list of unsigned .cat files will also be listed in the %SystemRoot%\Sigverif.txt file.

NOTE: You can use DelNotSigned.bat to delete the unsigned .cat files:

@echo off
set folder=NONE
for /f "SKIP=12 Tokens=1,4" %%a in ('type %SystemRoot%\sigverif.txt') do (
 if "%%b" EQU "" set line=%%a&call :setfold
 if "%%b" EQU "Not" set file=%%a&call :parse
goto :EOF
if "%folder%" EQU "NONE" goto :EOF
set work=%file:.cat=%
if "%work%" EQU "%file%" goto :EOF
del /q "%folder%\%file%"
goto :EOF
if "%line:~0,1%" NEQ "\[" goto :EOF
set folder=%line:~1%
set folder=%folder:\]=%

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