JSI Tip 8627. Tweakomatic.

The Microsoft TechNet Tweakomatic page begins with:

By the Scripting Guys
Manage Your Computer Tweakomatically

One of the most popular pieces of software Microsoft has ever released is TweakUI, easily the most impressive PowerToy in the Microsoft Windows® collection. To quote from Microsoft.com, “This PowerToy gives you access to system settings that are not exposed in the Windows XP default user interface, including mouse settings, \[Windows\] Explorer settings, taskbar settings, and more.” Obviously, this is the sort of thing people want. Since the first version of PowerToys was released for Windows 95, hundreds of thousands of people have downloaded and used TweakUI. In fact, if you haven’t had the time to download TweakUI yet, we highly recommend that you do. We’ll wait.

On This Page

Nice weather we’ve been having, huh?
How Does Tweakomatic Work?
I Thought We Weren’t Supposed to Change Settings in the Registry?
Does Tweakomatic Do Everything TweakUI Does?
Shouldn’t I Use Group Policy Instead of Tweakomatic?
What Platforms Does Tweakomatic Support?
So What Do I Need in Order to Run Tweakomatic?
Tweakomatic is Fully Guaranteed and Supported, Right?
So I Guess That Tweakomatic Isn’t Extensible Either, Right?
How Do I use Tweakomatic?
Download Tweakomatic

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