JSI Tip 8235. The connection dialer stops responding when the Multilingual User Interface is installed in Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional?

When you attempt to open the properties of a connection that was created by the CMAK (Connection Manager Administration Kit, the dialer hangs.

NOTE: You may notice high CPU utilization for Cmstp.exe or Explorer.exe in Task Manager.

This behavior will occur if you installed CMAK from Windows Server 2003 and the MUI (Multilingual User Interface) Pack for Windows 2000 is installed.

Windows Server 2003 CMAK contains Connection Manager 1.3, but Windows 2000 MUI contains Connection Manager 1.2, which causes the problem.

NOTE: DO NOT attempt to install Windows Server 2003 MUI on Windows 2000 Profession, as it will NOT correct the problem, and it an unsupported installation.

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