JSI Tip 8223. Some scheduled tasks do not start if you installed from a Sysprep image?

When you install Windows 2000 or Windows XP from a Sysprep image, some scheduled tasks do not start. When you look at the log file (Scheduled Tasks / Advanced / View Log or the %systemroot%\schedlgu.txt file), you see an error similar to:

0x8004130f: No account information could be found in the Task Scheduler security database for the task indicated.

When the task was scheduled, the account credentials were encrypted with a hash using various data from the original computer. After you use Sysprep the original encryption key cannot be regenerated.

To workaround this problem:

1. Start / Run / %SystemRoot%\Tasks / OK.

2. Double-click a failed task.

3. Re-enter the account credentials in the Run as.

4. Press the Set password button.

5. Type the password into the Password and Confirm password boxes, and press OK.

6. Press Apply and OK.

NOTE: Repeat the above for each failed task.

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