JSI Tip 7735. How can I configure Remote Desktop for Administration in Windows Server 2003?

Terminal Services in Windows Server 2003 includes Remote Desktop for Administration, which allows administrators to remotely manage Windows 2003-based servers, and Windows 2000-based servers.

When you install Windows Server 2003, Remote Desktop for Administration is automatically installed, but it is disabled for security reasons by default.

NOTE: If you use Terminal Server mode, the server accepts more than two simultaneous connections by non-administrators, but you must install the Terminal Services Licensing service on a domain controller.

NOTE: In Windows 2000, the Remote Desktop Connection client is named Terminal Services client.

To enable Remote Desktop for Administration:

1. In Control Panel, open the System applet.

2. Select the Remote tab.

3. Check the Allow users to connect remotely to your computer box and press OK.

To change the encryption level:

1. Open Terminal Services Configuration from the Administrative Tools folder.

2. Select Connections in the left-hand pane.

3. In the right-hand pane, right-click RDP-tcp and press Properties.

4. On the General tab, select from the following encryption levels and press OK:

  • Low                           - Provides 56bit encryption.

  • Client Compatible - Provides the highest level that the client supports.

  • High                          - Provides 128bit encryption in both directions.

  • FIPS Compliant      - Provides Federal Information Processing Standard 140-1 validated methods.

NOTE: Programs that lock files or Libraries, or use a computer name or IP address for identification, may NOT work if more than one user at a time is using them.

NOTE: See How to connect to and shadow the console session with Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services.

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