JSI Tip 7364. How do I exclude drive letters that I do NOT want monitored by System Restore?

When you use Control Panel to select the System applet, and then select the System Restore tab, the system drive, the drive letter on which Windows XP is installed, is listed first, because it cannot be excluded without checking the Turn off System Restore on all drives box. The remaining drives are listed in alphabetical order.

To prevent System Restore from monitoring a drive:

1. Select the drive you want to exclude and press the Settings button.

2. Check the Turn off System Restore on this drive box.

3. Press OK.

4. Press Yes.

5. Press OK.

NOTE: If you do NOT check the Turn off System Restore on this drive box, you can alter the amount of disk space that is used to track changes on this drive.

NOTE: I turn off System Restore on a 100 MB RAM disk configured on my desktop, on an alternate install drive of Windows XP on that same desktop, and on a USB attached 40 GB drive cartridge that I use for backup on my laptop.

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