JSI Tip 7317. Your Windows 2000 DHCP server is assigning addresses, even though it is NOT authorized?

When you upgrade a Windows NT 4.0 DHCP server to Windows 2000, DHCP assigns addresses, even though it is NOT authorized?

In order to preserve the mission-critical function of assigning IP addresses, an upgraded server is exempt from Rogue Server detection.

The first time that you open the DHCP MMC snap-in, the server starts sending DHCPINFORM packets, and disables itself until you authorize it for the domain.

NOTE: See tip 4844 » How do I how configure a new Windows 2000 DHCP Server in a Windows 2000 Active Directory domain?

NOTE: See tip 3925 » How do I use Netsh.exe to authorize, unauthorize and list DHCP servers in Active Directory?

NOTE: See tip 3926 » The Authorize command is missing from the DHCP MMC snap-in?

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