JSI Tip 7171. When you use Active Directory Sites and Services to force replication between two Windows 2000 domain controllers in the same site, you receive 'The RPC Server is too busy'?

When you use Dssite.msc (Active Directory Sites and Services) to force replication between two domain controllers in the same site, you receive:

The RPC Server is too busy.

If the time on one of the domain controllers is greater than or equal to 5 minutes different from the other domain controller, you will experience this behavior.

To fix the problem, synchronize the time on the two domain controllers.

NOTE: See the following:

How do I configure an authoritative time server in Windows 2000?

How do I make my PDC emulator an authoritative time server for my domain without it synchronizing with a reliable time source?

How does NET TIME determine the Time Source Server?

How do I configure the Windows 2000 time service to log when time is adjusted?

Windows 2000 registry entries for the W32Time service.

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