JSI Tip 7138. The Copy To profile feature does NOT copy Internet Explorer AutoComplete data?

When you use the Copy To feature in the User Profiles tab of System Properties to copy a user profile, data for Microsoft Internet Explorer's AutoComplete feature is not copied with the user profile.

To workaround this behavior:

01. Open Active Directory Users and Computers.

02. Right-click Users, select New and press User.

03. Enter information for the new account and press Next.

04. Enter the password and press Next.

05. Press Finish.

06. Right-click My Computer and press Properties.

07. Select the User Profiles tab.

08. Select the user profile you want to copy and press the Copy To... button.

09. Complete the wizard to copy the user profile.

10. Use My Computer to navigate to and expand the \Documents and Settings\SourceProfile folder, where SourceProfile is the user whose profile you want to copy.

11. On the Edit menu, Press Select All.

12. On the Edit menu, press Copy.

13. Select the folder of the new account (step 03).

14. On the Edit menu, press Paste.

NOTE: The Copy To feature does NOT copy:

Folders that are in a user profile's exclusion list.
Account credentials.
Registry keys that the current user does NOT have permissions to.
Data contained in Protected Storage.

NOTE: For more information on Protected Storage, see http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/windows2000serv/deploy/cookbook/cookchp5.asp.

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