JSI Tip 6988. When I use Active Directory Users and Computers, from the Windows Server 2003 Adminpak.msi, on Windows XP, the Dial-in tab does NOT appear in a user's Properties?

When you use the RTM (Released To Manufacturing) version of the Windows Server 2003 Admin Pack on Windows XP, the Dial-in tab is NOT available when you display the Properties of a user.

NOTE: See Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Administration Tools Pack (Adminpak.msi) does not run on Windows XP?

To cause the the Dial-in tab to appear when you administer a user from Windows XP:

1. Copy/Paste the following to a Dialin.reg file:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00





"\{B52C1E50-1DD2-11D1-BC43-00C04FC31FD3\}"="RAS Dialin - User Node Extension"

2. Merge the Dialin.reg file with your Windows XP registry, or run regedit /s dialin.reg.

3. Open a CMD prompt on Windows XP and type the following commands, where ServerName is a Windows Server 2003 domain controller than has the Adminpak.msi installed:

CD /D %SystemRoot%\System32
copy \\ServerName\Admin$\System32\mprsnap.dll *.*
copy \\ServerName\Admin$\System32\rasuser.dll *.*
copy \\ServerName\Admin$\System32\rtrfiltr.dll *.*
regsvr32 rasuser.dll

4. Press OK to acknowledge the registration of the rasuser library.

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