JSI Tip 6906. A Backup Operator cannot perform a system state backup on a Windows 2000 cluster?

When a member of the Backup Operators group logs on to a Windows 2000 cluster and uses NTBackup to start a system state backup, they receive:

Completed with Skipped Files.

The cluster_backup folder is empty, and the backup log contains:

You do not have permission to access portions of System State\Cluster Quorum. Please see the owner or administrator to get permission.

The cluster log contains \\machine_name\__NtBackup_cluster\* is not available.

Only members of the following local groups have permission to create and map a share to the %SystemRoot%\cluster\cluster_backup folder, which NTBackup tries to create:

Account Operators
Communication Operators
Print Operators
Server Operators
To perform a backup of a cluster quorum, you must be a member of the local Administrators group, or you must be delegated the appropriate authority.

NOTE: You could use Run As to perform the backup.

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