JSI Tip 6876. Cluster Administrator may hang while a resource or resource group loads?

The subject behavior will generally occurs when the resource is in a Online Pending or Offline Pending state, typically when you restart a cluster node or after a group has failed over to another node.

To workaround this issue:

1. Open a CMD prompt.

2. Type cluster res and press Enter.

3. Look in the Status column and note the resource that appears to have hung.

4. Type cluster res "<ResourceName>" /fail and press Enter

NOTE: If the whole group doesn't fail over, you may have to repeat these steps several times.

NOTE: If a specific resource always takes a long time to go online or offline, inspect the Cluster.log for clues.

NOTE: Since the introduction of Windows File Protection (WFP), it is unlikely that mismatched files may be causing this problem, but if it persists, run SFC on each node, and re-apply your latest service pack and hotfix(s).

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