JSI Tip 6656. Your Windows XP DNS client service does NOT always use the first server in the list?

The Dnscache uses an algorithm to decide what order it uses the DNS servers that are configured in TCP/IP Properties. The Windows XP DNS client service resets the server priorities every 15 minutes.

To force Dnscache to try the first server in the list for each query:

1. Copy / Paste the following to a ServerPriorityTimeLimit.reg file:



2. Merge the ServerPriorityTimeLimit.reg file with your registry, or run regedit /s ServerPriorityTimeLimit.reg.

3. Shutdown and restart Windows XP.

NOTE: The default data value of the ServerPriorityTimeLimit Value Name is 900 seconds. When you set the data value to zero, the server priorities are reset to 'first in list' prior to each query.

TAGS: Windows 8
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