JSI Tip 6532. Freeware GetUserInfo.exe.

In tip 5527, I scripted GetUserInfo.bat.

Joe Richards has written a freeware program to perform this function. It extracts more information than the standard NET USER command that I had used.

Download GetUserInfo.zip (at the bottom of this page) and extract the GetUserInfo.exe program to a folder in your path.

When you type getuserinfo /?, you receive:

GetUserInfo V02.06.00cpp Joe Richards ([email protected]) June 2002

 GetUserInfo \[(domain)(\\servername)\\]userid \[/p\]

   domain          Domain to execute command against
   server          Server to execute command against
   userid          Userid to get info for.
   /p              Displays primary group info.

   If domain/server not specifed uses local machine
   If . specified for userid, enumerate all local/global accounts

 This software is Freeware. Use it as you wish at your own risk.
 If you have improvement ideas, bugs, or just wish to say Hi, I
 receive email 24x7 and read it in a semi-regular timeframe.
 You can usually find me at [email protected]
When I typed getuserinfo jsiinc\BKP_Oper /p, the program displayed:
 GetUserInfo V02.06.00cpp Joe Richards ([email protected]) June 2002

User information for jsiinc\BKP_Oper  (\\JSI001)

User Name                  BKP_Oper
Full Name                  BKP_Oper Schedule
User's Comment
User Type                  Admin
Enhanced Authority
Account Type               Global

Home Directory
User Profile
Logon Script
Flags                      NO_PWD_EXPIRE
Account Expires            Never

Password age in days       232
Password last set          8/14/2002 5:20 AM
Bad PWD count              0

Num logons (this machine)  257
Last logon                 2/4/2003 7:57 PM
Logon hours                All

Primary group              Domain Users
Global group memberships   *Domain Admins          *Domain Users
Local group memberships    *Administrators         *Backup Operators
I have scripted GetUserData.bat to return the following environment variables:
$line1=User Name                  BKP_Oper
$Line2=Full Name                  BKP_Oper Schedule
$Line4=User's Comment
$Line5=User Type                  Admin
$Line6=Enhanced Authority
$Line7=Account Type               Global
$Line9=Home Directory
$Line10=User Profile
$Line11=Logon Script
$Line12=Flags                      NO_PWD_EXPIRE
$Line13=Account Expires            Never
$Line14=Password age in days       232
$Line15=Password last set          8/14/2002 5:20 AM
$Line16=Bad PWD count              0
$Line17=Num logons (this machine)  257
$Line18=Last logon                 2/4/2003 7:57 PM
$Line19=Logon hours                All
$Line20=Primary group              Domain Users
$Line21=Global group memberships   *Domain Admins          *Domain Users
$Line22=Local group memberships    *Administrators         *Backup Operators
NOTE: If $Line1 is equal to ERROR, the account was NOT found.

NOTE: Starting with $line22, the output becomes variable based upon the number of Global and Local group memberships. If $line22 starts with an *, it is a continuation of the previous line.

NOTE: To extract the data from a non-continuation line, use the following example:

set UserID=%$line1:~27,99%
Set FullName=%$line2:~27,99%

To extract Group membership, use the following example:

set Global1=%$line21:~27,24%
set Global2=%$line21:~51,24%
set /a cnt1=3
set /a cnt2=4
set /a cnt=22
call set line=%%$line%cnt%:~0^,99%%
if not "%Line:~0,1%" EQU "*" goto Local
set Global%cnt1%=%line:~0,24%
set Global%cnt2%=%line:~24,24%
set /a cnt1=%cnt1% + 1
set /a cnt2=%cnt2% + 1
set /a cnt=%cnt% + 1
goto LoopG
set Local1=%line:~27,24%
set Local2=%line:~51,24%
set /a cnt1=3
set /a cnt2=4
set /a cnt=%cnt% + 1
call set line=%%$line%cnt%:~0^,99%%
if not "%Line:~0,1%" EQU "*" goto Finish
set Local%cnt1%=%line:~0,24%
set Local%cnt2%=%line:~24,24%
set /a cnt1=%cnt1% + 1
set /a cnt2=%cnt2% + 1
set /a cnt=%cnt% + 1
goto LoopL
GetUserData.bat contains:
@echo off
if \{%1\}==\{\} set $line1=ERROR&goto :EOF
set /a cnt=0
set user=%1
call :doit>>nul 2>>&1
set /a cnt=%cnt% + 1
for /l %%x in (%cnt%,1,29) do if defined $line%%x set $line%%x=
for %%x in (user cnt line) do set %%x=
goto :EOF
for /f "Skip=2 Tokens=*" %%a in ('getuserinfo.exe %user% /p') do set line=%%a&call :parse
goto :EOF
if /i "%line%" EQU "Completed." goto :EOF
if %CNT% GTR 0 goto found
if not "%line:~0,9%" EQU "User Name" set $line1=ERROR&goto :EOF
set /a cnt=%cnt% + 1
set $line%cnt%=%line%

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