JSI Tip 6517. When you use Remote Assistance in Windows XP, an empty message box is displayed?

When you use Remote Assistance, an empty message box pops up? If you press the OK button, nothing happens? The only way to dismiss the message box is to press the red X?

Remote Assistance uses an ActiveX control that runs in the Internet zone. If you set Internet zone security too high, it disables Active Scripting.

To workaround this feature:

01. In Internet Explorer, use the Tools menu to open Internet Options.

02. Select the Security tab.

03. Select Trusted Sites in the Select a Web content zone to specify its security settings area.

04. Press the Sites button.

05. Type hcp://system into the Add this Web site to the zone box.

06. Clear the Require server verification (https://) for all sites in this zone box.

07. Press Add.

08. Press OK.

09. Press the Custom Level button.

10. Scroll to the Scripting section near the bottom of the Settings box and select Enable for Active Scripting.

11. Press OK and OK.

NOTE: You can also use the Local Intranet zone, as long as Active Scripting is enabled.

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