JSI Tip 6210. Windows .NET Server 2003 has a new name?

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Product Information

Posted: January 9, 2003

Windows Server 2003 is on-track for worldwide launch in April 2003. Only the name has changed—not the functionality of the product, nor its deep integration of .NET technology.

As support for Web services is integrated into our entire product line, Microsoft is moving toward a consistent naming and branding strategy. This will make it easier for our partners to affiliate with this strategy, and for our customers to identify .NET-enabled products.

Windows Server 2003 will carry the ".NET Connected" logo, indicating its ability to easily and consistently connect disparate information, systems, and devices, thereby enabling customers to meet their specific business needs (regardless of their system's underlying platform or programming language). To help customers identify solutions and products that support standards-based interoperability, this logo is also available to our partners who are building solutions on the Microsoft platform. See www.microsoft.com/net/logo for more information.

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