JSI Tip 5981. Error 907 when you attempt to remove or reinstall ISA Server?

When you attempt to remove or reinstall Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000, you receive:

Error 907

Your setup files may be damaged. Try restarting the Setup program from where you originally ran it.

To resolve this issue, you must remove all the ISA Server 2000 files and then reinstall ISA Server 2000:

1. Run the Rmisa.exe utility, included in the ISA\I386 folder of the ISA Server 2000 CD-ROM.

2. Respond affirmatively when prompted to remove all the ISA Server 2000 components.

3. Reinstall ISA Server 2000.

NOTE: See HOW TO: Provide Internet Access Through a Firewall in Internet Security and Acceleration Server.

NOTE: See HOW TO: Install and Configure a Firewall on a Computer in Windows 2000.

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