JSI Tip 5785. Free Microsoft Software Update Services (SUS).

The Microsoft Software Update Services (SUS) page contains:

Microsoft Software Update Services (SUS) is designed to greatly simplify the process of keeping Windows-based systems up-to-date with the latest critical updates. SUS enables administrators to quickly and reliably deploy critical updates to their Windows 2000-based servers as well as desktop computers running Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP Professional.

Software Update Services Flash Demo
Watch this demo to get an overview of the core features, functionality and benefits of using Software Update Services.

Software Update Services Components and Features
Get a high-level overview of the components that make up the Software Update Services solution and the features that they offer.

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Take a Closer Look
Choosing a Security Update Management Solution
See how Software Update Services relates to other Microsoft security update management solutions.

Microsoft Software Update Services FAQ
Find answers to common questions about Software Update Services, its components, requirements, and support.

Software Update Services Overview White Paper
Get an overview of Software Update Services, a tool for managing and distributing critical Windows patches. This overview presents customer scenarios in which Software Update Services provides solutions for information technology professionals, as well as an overview of the client and server-side components.

Software Update Services Deployment White Paper
Get detailed guidance about deploying Software Update Services. Written for system administrators, this paper presents in-depth discussion of multiple types of deployment scenarios, as well as step-by-step procedures for all relevant tasks.

Sign Up for E-Mail Notification
Receive e-mails whenever new content is posted for Software Update Services customers.

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Download Software Update Services -- Client
Windows automatic updating is a Windows feature that notifies you when critical updates are available for your computer. Download and install to receive notifications of critical Windows updates.

Download Software Update Services -- Server
Designed to simplify the process of keeping your Windows-based computer up-to-date with the latest critical updates, Software Update Services enables administrators to quickly and reliably deploy critical updates to their Windows 2000-based servers.

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