JSI Tip 5318. What are the restrictions for imaging clients using Riprep.exe?

After you setup a Remote Installation Service (RIS) server, you can use Riprep.exe to install an image of a Windows 2000 client computer. The image is downloaded by the client using PXE boot ROMs or a RBFG-generated floppy disk. Since the client initiates the download, Riprep.exe accounts for hardware differences.

Riprep.exe imposes the following restrictions:

1. A CD-ROM based image must exist on the server to accommodate the client's future need for system files.

2. Only one partition is allowed on the client.

3. Client's must use the same HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) as the imaged computer.

4. The client's local hard disk must be of equal or greater size as the imaged computer.

5. The imaged computer must NOT contain any encrypted files.

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