JSI Tip 5023. How do I use the Dsastat tool to verify replication?

The Dsastat tool compares and detects differences of replicated objects by retrieving capacity statistics, such as megabytes per server, objects per server, and megabytes per object class.

You can use Dsastat to compare directory trees across replicas in the same domain, or for a Global Catalog, across different domains. The tool lets you monitor replication status at a less detailed level than monitoring the replication transactions, and along with Repadmin and Replmon, helps insure that the domain controllers are current with each other.

To use Dsastat:

1. Open a CMD prompt.

2. Type dsastat -s:<DC1>;<DC2>

To compare all the users in the Support organizational unit in the JSIINC.COM domain on the JSI001 and JSI002 servers:

dsastat -s:JSI001;JSI002 -b:OU=Support,DC=JSIINC,DC=com -gcattrs:all -sort:true -t:false -p:16 -filter:"(&(objectclass=user)(!objectClass=computer))"

NOTE: The filter specifies that user objects and NOT (!) computer objects should be compared.

NOTE: See Active Directory Diagnostics, Troubleshooting, and Recovery for information about the Repadmin and Replmon tools.

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