JSI Tip 4231. How do I filter the scope of a Group Policy object?

In tip 2492, I described how to filter local Group Policy.

Using the Security tab of the Properties of a Group Policy object, an administrator can filter the users and computers by using Windows 2000 security groups to set the DACL to allow or deny access to the GPO.

NOTE: With the exception of Folder Redirection and Software Installation, filtering affects the entire GPO.

To set the filter, right-click the root node of the Group Policy snap-in, press Properties, and press Security.

NOTE: You can also open the Properties of a site, domain, or organizational unit and select the Group Policy tab. Right-click the a Group Policy object and select it's Properties.

NOTE: Users and groups must have Read and Apply Group Policy permissions to receive the Group Policy settings. Authenticated Users have Read and Apply Group Policy by default. I would remove these permissions from groups whose members DO NOT need to receive the GPO, to speed up Group Policy processing, and to keep members from viewing the policy.

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