JSI Tip 3880. How do I remove Windows NT/Windows 2000 from a W9x dual-boot installation?

If W9x is installed on a FAT file system, on the C: drive, you can remove the Windows NT / Windows 2000 boot menu and system, leaving W9x as the bootable operating system.

NOTE: If you have disk-management software that allows you to access a larger disk than your computer BIOS supports, do not attempt this procedure as you might loose access to your disk.

1. Insure your system is virus free.

2. Boot the W9x Startup disk.

NOTE: To create a Startup disk, boot W9x and use Control Panel / Add/Remove Programs. On the Startup Disk tab, press Create.

3. At the A: prompt, type sys C: and press Enter. You should receive a System transferred message.

4. Remove the Startup disk and restart. W9x should start.

5. Delete the Windows NT / Windows 2000 folder, generally named \Winnt.

6. If the following files exist, delete them from the C: root:

Some of these files may be hidden. Use My Computer / View menu / Options / Show All Files to view them. Clear the Hide MS-DOS extensions for file types that are registered box to see the file extensions.

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