JSI Tip 3774. Windows 2000 Exchange Server stops providing email with new Global Catalog server?

If you assign a domain controller the Global Catalog role, and takeĀ  the existing Global Catalog offline for maintenance, your Exchange Server stops providing email?

If you check the event log, you notice multiple Event 9167 errors:

Event Type: Error
Event Source: MSExchangeSA
Event Category: NSPI Proxy 
Event ID: 9176
Date:  5/29/2001
Time:  10:03:04 AM
User:  N/A
Computer: <YourExchangeServer>
Description: NSPI Proxy can contact Global Catalog <YourNewGlobalCatalogServer> but it
does not support the NSPI service. After a Domain Controller is promoted
to a Global Catalog, the Global Catalog must be rebooted to support MAPI
Clients.  Reboot <YourNewGlobalCatalogServer> as soon as possible.
After you restart <YourNewGlobalCatalogServer>, Exchange starts providing email.

Before taking the existing Global Catalog offline, restart the new Global Catalog.

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