JSI Tip 3500. Roaming user only gets software distribution from original site?

If you use DFS (Distributed File System) to host distribution points for Windows 2000 software distribution, and you have a multi-site environment, roaming users will get their distribution from their original site, instead of the site they have roamed to. This is a function of DFS, and is independent of Windows 2000 software distribution.

To change this behavior, you can:

1. Restart the client computer.

2. Enable in-site referrals only.

A DFS administrator can cause DFS to NOT provide referrals outside of the current site replicas:

dfsutil /insite <DFS_name_of_Root_Or_Link> /set


dfsutil /insite <DFS_name_of_Root_Or_Link> /reset
NOTE: If you make this change on a DFS root or link that does NOT have a replica at the site, no client at the site will be able to access the data using the DFS namespace.

NOTE: If you set this behavior on the DFS root, it is inherited by all the links under that root.

NOTE: The change does not become effective until all root replicas have read the changes.

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