JSI Tip 3118. You can't rename a share in Windows 2000?

Once you create a share in Windows 2000, you can NOT change the share name using Windows Explorer or the Shared Folders MMC?

NOTE: The share name does NOT have to match the folder name.

To change a folders share name:

1. Open Windows Explorer, or My Computer, and right click the shared folder.

2. Press Sharing.

3. Press New Share on the Sharing tab.

4. Enter the new Share Name and any Comment.

5. Set appropriate permissions.

6. Press OK.

7. On the Sharing tab, select the original share in the Share Name box and press Remove Share.

NOTE: You can use Permcopy to copy the permissions, if you run it after step 6 and before step 7. In that case, skip step 5.

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