JSI Tip 2643. Tweaking the BINL service.

When you run Risetup.exe, the BINL (Boot Information Negotiation Layer) service is installed.

The BINL service answers clients, validates and passes client information to/from the server. For performance or troubleshooting, you may wish to tweak the following values at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrrentControlSet\Services\Binlsvc, but you must first create the Binlsvc key using Regedt32:

 Value Name   Type   Default   D e s c r i p t i o n 
 Port   REG_DWORD   4011   The standard port that the PXE client uses. 
 LdapOptReferrals   REG_DWORD   0   If set to 1, BINL allows referrals when connecting to a nonglobal catalog. 
 ResponseDelay   REG_DWORD   0   The number of seconds to wait to respond to a client when BINL can't find an account, so other servers that may own the account can respond first. 
 LdapTimeout   REG_DWORD   30   The timeout in seconds for LDAP commands. A value of 0 is treated as .5 seconds. 
 CacheExpire   REG_DWORD   25000   The number of milliseconds that BINL waits until it expires DS cache entries. 
 CacheMaxCount   REG_DWORD   250   The maximun number of DS entries to cache. Once exceeded, performance will suffer. 
 DefaultServer   REG_SZ      The FQDN of the DS server. When DefaultServer is not present, the computer uses its' known server. 
 DefaultGCServer   REG_SZ      The FQDN of the DS global catalog. When not present, the computer uses its' known server. 
 ClientTimeout   REG_DWORD   900   The number of seconds of inactivity before the server removes a client entry from the cache. 
 ScavengerSleep   REG_DWORD   60   The number of seconds between scavenger runs. 
 UpdateParameterPoll   REG_DWORD   14400   The number of seconds between complete re-reads of all the BINL parameters. 
 MaxDSErrorsToLog   REG_DWORD   10   How many LDAP errors are logged within the DSErrorInterval. If exceeded, a generic summary error is logged. 
 DSErrorInterval   REG_DWORD   10   The number of minutes for the MaxDSErrorsToLog entry. 
 AssignNewClientsToServer   REG_DWORD   0   A value of 1 secifies that new clients should be assigned to a 'server', preventing other servers from responding. 

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