JSI Tip 10436. How can I run a Storage Report in Windows Server 2003 R2?

You cannot run a Storage Report until you install FSRM (File Server Resource Manager):

            A) Open Control Panel.

            B) Press Add or Remove Programs.

            C) Press Add/Remove Windows Components.

            D) Under Management and Monitoring Tools, select File Server Resource Manager and complete the dialog.

To run a Storage Report:

01. Start / All Programs / Administrative Tools / File Server Resource Manager.

02. Right-click Storage Reports Management in the left hand pane and select Generate Reports Now.

03. Select the Settings tab.

04. Press Add to include a volume or folder in the Scope of the report.

05. Check the boxes for the reports you want to execute.

06. For each highlighted reported, press Edit Parameter to alter the settings.

07. Under Reports Format, select the output formats.

08. If you wish to also email the report, use the Delivery tab to check the Send reports to the following administrators and type the email address (or addresses separated by a semicolon).

09. Press OK.

10. At the How do you want to proceed? question on the Generate Storage Reports dialog, select the Wait for reports to be generated and then display them or Generate reports in the background radial button and press OK.

NOTE: The reports are stored at %systemdrive%\storagereports\interactive, unless you configure a new default location for each Windows Server 2003 R2 Storage Report execution type.

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