JSI Tip 10388. After you restore your Windows XP Software registry hive the System Restore points are unavailable?

The previous restore points are unavailable in System Restore after you restore the Software hive.

This behavior occurs because a new restore folder for System Restore is created in the System Volume Information folder when you restore the Software hive and restart your computer.

To resolve this problem:

1. Logon with Administrative privileges.

2. Gain access to the System Volume Information folder.

3. Open Windows Explorer.

4. Double-click the drive where Windows XP is installed.

5. Open the System Volume Information folder.

6. Locate the _restore\{GUID\} folder that has the most recent date.

7. Open the _restore\{GUID\} folder just before the date of the most recent folder.

8. Copy all the sub-folders named RPn to the most recent _restore\{GUID\} folder, where n represents the restore point numbers.

9. You may wish to undo the procedure in step 2 to prevent unauthorized access to the System Volume Information folder.

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