JSI Tip 10321. You receive 'An error occurred during integration of this update' while attempting to integrate a Windows XP SP2 hotfix into a Windows XP image that uses a non-U.S. language?

When trying to integrate a Windows XP Service Pack 2 hotfix into a Windows XP image, you receive:

An error occurred during integration of this update. Check that the update and the files in the distribution folder is for the same architecture, language and service pack level.

This error occurs when the Update.exe file from the hotfix detects a language mismatch from the INSTALL_LANGUAGE="languageID" entry in the Hivesys.inf file from the Windows XP image. This mismatch in languageID can be a difference in case, like 041d versus 041D.

NOTE: The Spslpsrm.log file contains an entry similar to:

0.250: IsUpdateInfValidForTarget: Lang mismatch in c:\25f55410e0760c513b49bc17b486\update\update_SP2QFE.inf: 1D != 041d.

To workaround this behavior, modify the Hivesys.inf file to match, like changing 041d to 041D:

1. Right-click the \i386\Hivesys.inf file and press Open With.

2. Select Notepad from the Programs list and press OK.

3. Change the INSTALL_LANGUAGE="041d” entry to INSTALL_LANGUAGE="041D”.

4. Press Save on the File menu.

5. Press Exit on the File menu.

Try to integrate the hotfix again.

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