JSI Tip 10194. When installing Office 2003 on Windows XP, you receive 'Error 1311 - Cannot locate source file Cabinetfile.cab'?

When you install Office 2003 on Windows XP, you receive a message similar to:

Error 1311

Cannot locate source file Cabinetfile.cab

This behavior is symptomatic of installing Office 2003 from .CAB files located on your network and at the same time, another Windows XP client is installing from the same installation point and does not have any service pack installed.

This behavior occurs because Windows XP, prior to SP1, does not release control of the installation files in a timely fashion.

To workaround this behavior, press Retry when you receive the message.

To resolve this problem, visit Windows Update (Start / All Programs / Windows Update) and apply the latest service pack.

NOTE: You can also create an administrative installation point for Office 2003, because an administrative installation point does not contain .CAB files.

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