JSI Tip 0692 - Roaming Profile error.

If you have a roaming profile and receive either of the following messages and/or Event ID 1000 when logging in from Windows NT:

Your roaming profile is not available, the operating system is 
attempting to log you on with your local profile. <error #> 
The update of your roaming profile failed. Please contact your Network 
Administrator. <error #>
the value of the <error #> should lead you to a resolution. Here are some common ones:

 error   M e a n i n g   R e s o l u t i o n 
       2   The system can't find the mandatory profile.   Insure that the user's profile path is pointing to the locatation
 of their NTuser.man.
     32   The profile is in use by another process.   Log the other process off. 
     53   The network path to the profile can not be found.   Resolve any name resolution or network connectivity issues. 
     67   The network name can not be found.   Verify that the path listed is correct. 
     71   The server that houses the profile is out of connections.   Verify that the server has the necessary number of licenses. 
 1385   The user does not have the right to access
 the machine from the network.
 Grant the right to the user or appropriate group. 

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