JSI Tip 0603 - How do I install a BDC using TCP/IP?

When you install a BDC, the PDC must be available to establish a computer account and to assign the SID to the BDC.

Name resolution for the PDC can be established by using WINS or a LMHOSTS file:

- Enter a primary (optionally, a secondary) WINS server where the PDC has registered the domain<1Bh> entry.

- Use an LMHOSTS file that has at least an entry for the PDC as follows:

    <PDC IP address> "DOMAINNAME \0x1B" #PRE
    There must be exactly 20 characters inside the double quotes.

If a WINS server is not available, the LMHOSTS file can be used by importing it from a floppy disk or from an existing physical drive on the computer being installed. The location for importing the LMHOSTS file is in the Advanced options in the TCP/IP configuration dialog during Network setup. This must be completed during the portion of Setup where you configure the properties of the TCP/IP protocol.

If the PDC cannot be located during setup, you will get the following error message:

     The domain controller for this domain cannot be located.

If you get this message, check:

- Adapter configuration settings.
- Default gateway configuration on the adapter.
- If using WINS, make sure the WINS server you are pointing to contains the 1Bh registration for the domain name.
- Check the syntax of the LMHOSTS file.

If you fixed anything, restart the server. It will start at the GUI portion of setup.

See tip 463 for how to get clients to validate against this BDC.

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