JSI Tip 0217 - Save space while dual booting.

If you are dual booting with W95, you can save space by allowing NT and W95 to share a common PAGEFILE.SYS on a FAT partition.

1. Configure the NT Pagefile in Control Panel / System / Performance / Virtual Memory.
    Set it to the common FAT partition with Min/Max the same.

2. Configure W95 in Control Panel / System / Performance / Virtual Memory.
    Select your own virtual memory setting using the same settings as NT.

3. After reboot in W95, edit SYSTEM.INI and edit and/or add the following in the \[386Enh\] section:

    where X: is the common drive and NNNNN is the size of PAGEFILE.SYS in kilobytes.

Reboot. If there is a Win386.SWP remaining on the W95 drive, delete it.

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