JSI Tip 0211 - How do I install with an unsupported PC-CARD?

You actually have to edit the registry of this not yet installed machine. What????
. Boot any NT machine and copy the \i386 directory from the Windows NT CD
    to your hard drive or to the network distribution share.
. Expand \i386\System._ System
. Using the instructions in Tip 182, load the expanded System as oldsystem
. Edit HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\oldsystem\ControlSet001\Services\PCMCIA\database
. Highlight database and Add Key from the Edit menu and enter the manufacturer name.
. Select the manufacturer name key and Add Key again, entering the product name.
. Select the product name key and Add Value name Driver as type REG_SZ..
    Enter the driver name without the extension.
. Highlight the oldsystem key and Unload Hive from the Registry menu.
. Rename the System file to System._ on your hard drive.
. Install from the hard drive.

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