JSI Tip 0080 - How I manitain this site over the internet.

This site is hosted on an Alpha Server running WinNT and IIS. The \\ServerName is not a member of my domain. Instead of using FTP to upload changes to these pages, I had my ISP create an account for me on the server and establish a share to my directory.

I modified my LMHOSTS file (%windir%\System32\Drivers\Etc - if you don't have one, copy the LMHOSTS.SAM) and added:

IPAddress ServerName #PRE.

In Control Panel / Networks / Protocol I double clicked on TCP/IP and enabled LMHOSTS support on the Wins tab. If this is already checked, type nbtstat -R at a command prompt to reload the LMHOSTS file.

When I wish to make changes, I establish a RAS connection to my ISP (just like you did or you wouldn't be viewing this tip) and type: net use x: \\ServerName\MyShare password /user:UserName and then copy the files to x: using explorer. When I am finished, I type net use x: /delete. Of course, all the proper security has been established so that my files are protected.

Using this technique, I could have full file and print services and with the correct permissions, I could run remote adminstration tools such as Server Manager, User Manager, Performance Manager, Event Viewer and even the Registry Editor.

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