It's Time-Change Time… Again!

Need help dealing with time-change issues? Find it here

Much of the Northern Hemisphere is getting ready to set clocks ahead by one hour—starting on Sunday, March 9, in most of the United States and Canada—with a succession of other countries making the switch in the March–April timeframe. Last year Windows administrators, especially in North America, found themselves in a panicked rush to apply DST patches for Windows and Exchange Server. We responded by publishing lists of helpful DST resources, including more than 20 DST articles published on the Windows IT Pro sites.

It’s a new year, but apparently Windows admins are facing the same old time-change problem, because readers have started calling us requesting DST articles. The good news is, we’ve got plenty of them. Click the links below or in the Learning Path box at the right to find articles and other resources that will speed you on your way to time-change relief!

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